Fight Camp. Get Lean. Get Strong. Get Fit. About

Fight Camp Is a Six Week progressive program that delivers high intensity metabolic resistance circuits designed specifically for maximal fat loss and extreme fitness, this is mixed in with muay thai kickboxing fundamentals to really push your fitness and fat loss into overdrive.

Each Session is unique in the fact that it taxes your body, your muscles and your endurance in a new way. Based on our own first hand experiences for training and making weight for professional Muay Thai Fights, we know what it takes to get in Fight Ready fitness in a very short period of time safely.

No matter what fitness level you are at or if you have previous injuries, we can adapt to suit your needs. This year in fact we now have a full time physiotherapist on hand to give advice and treatment prior, during or post-camp to make sure your getting the best out of each and every session.

Here at fight Camp we are famous for our approach to fat loss training, we work you within your own limits and constantly push you to excel in each session. Youre not doing this on your own, you will be surrounded by like minded, determined individuals who are there to improve their fitness coupled with four coaches who have made it their lifes work to help you get the results you not only want but deserve.

With a collective experience of over 20 years in the field of fitness and martial arts, the Fight Camp Trainers are there to take you through your six week program and make sure your getting the best out of your training.

Fight Camp is more than just a bootcamp, we take an in depth look into your nutrition and recovery strategies as well, so as to make sure your getting the most efficient fat loss for your body. This coupled with additional workouts and challenges to do on your off days, makes it the most inclusive camp around.